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    Why does the world need, yet another t shirt and apparel company? 
    Well, how often do walk down the street and see someone wearing something that's really cool, clever, funny or true and that you’d want to actually wear yourself?  Something, with a design that's on point and expresses what you want to say, the way you want to say it? 
    Founded in 2018, jas-aventure Apparel exists for just that reason. 
    Now just about every company will tell you, that they hold certain values. 
    But as a wise man once said:
    "I never listen to what people say.  I only watch what they do"
    So don't judge us by what we say, but by what you see and experience.
    Design that's tuned in and on point.
    Clothing that's priced right and a pleasure to wear.
    GET NOTICED with jas-aventure Apparel.